Eco-Literacy Poem

I wrote a poem to the University of Regina. The poem links to the group project that I have been participating in. Our project is hoping to have recycling bins implemented into all dorms on campus. On Monday evening I knocked on doors hoping to collect signatures for a petition to show that there is a greater want for the recycling bins. I wrote this poem as a reflection of that experience.

A Dozen Floors

I walk these steps,
a dozen floors.
Catching my breath,
knocking on doors.

The subject of change,
that’s what I’m about.
When will you listen?
Maybe if I shout?

Your missions statement claims,
“we value managing resources responsibly.”
Yet on that front,
you are failing demonstrably!

To practice what I preach
is what I want to do.
At this moment,
my only obstacle is you.

Recycling is such
a small step you see.
We could change the Earth,
you and me.

It’s just the beginning
of a life we could commit,
to raising awareness
of the things we must omit.

I can teach you
the simple things we need to change.
I’ll widen your scope.
I’ll broaden your range.

The world will never be again
the way it was before.
We’ve polluted water, land, and air;
plastic coats the shore.

But maybe,
is the next best

Getting there won’t be easy.
We all must do our part.
Recycling isn’t everything.
But it is a start.

And so until
the policies change,
values rewritten,
minds rearranged…

I will walk these steps,
a dozen floors.
Catching my breath,
knocking on doors.

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