Visual Representation #1

This weeks prompt was “What does the environment mean to you?” When I first started thinking about how I would respond to this prompt I immediately thought ‘home’. For me the environment is my home. A good part of this is probably due to the fact that I grew up on a farm, surrounded by valleys, and was constantly exploring them. For me, being in nature and exploring the outdoors was second nature.

After reading Robin Kimmerer’s “The Sound of Silverbells” my idea for the project shifted a little bit. I realized that the environment is my home, but it is also the home of literally every other living creature. What the environment meant to we was still home, but it was now other creatures homes, and I wanted some way of showing the way in which all the environments are connected.

The idea for the globe came to me as the only way to showcase every environment, and the way that they are all connected. I also still wanted to draw attention to my home, and my environment which is what prompted the use of the road map, and the magnifying glass. If you were to take that magnifying glass and move it to other areas of the globe, however, you would find all kinds of habitats, and all types of environments that are existing beside and within each other. Everything is connected, and it isn’t until you zoom in and really pay attention that you notice little things, such as bugs and spiders living on the ground that you previously mistook for lifeless.

One thought on “Visual Representation #1

  1. Hi Mack! Thank you for sharing. In many ways, your creative journal was similar to mine. I made a similar realization after reading “The Sound of Silverbells”, as I began to realize that my previous studies of science were merely theoretical and I had failed to connect these learnings to real life. As those premed students wandered in nature, I began to realize that as a future biologist I knew so little about the world around me. I could certainly describe cellular processes, but I had not made many real-world connections prior to this reading.

    I appreciate your mention to the small insects and things we would normally consider to be insignificant. I liked how you mentioned these organisms do in fact have a place and purpose here. Do you think majority of people have this same insight? I would like to hope so, but I am not certain this is the case. Hopefully as future educators we can change this!


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